Gibson Family Ancestors

Leigh Anne Gibson's "Gibson" ancestors were predominantly from England. Although William Gibson who immigrated to the United States was born in Ireland, both of his parents were born in England making him of English descent. The Gibson ancestry can be traced from:

Caton, Lancashire, England in 1595 (John Gibson)
to Ireland (William Gibson)
to Pennsylvania, USA (William Gibson)
to Frederick, Virginia (John Gibson)
to Caswell, North Carolina (Joel Gibson)
to Henderson, Kentucky (Joel Gibson)
to Newtonville, Fayette County, Alabama (Tilmon Gibson)
to Leeds, St. Clair County, Alabama (Cullen Lee Gibson)

John Gibson was born on October 17, 1595 in Caton, Lancashire, England. He lived his life in Caton and is known to have died there. John's son William was born in Caton in 1629. He married Elizabeth Thompson of Crossmore, Lancashire, England on June 22, 1662 and they moved to London. William and Elizabeth had six children (William, Patience, Elizabeth, John, Hannah and Rebecca).

William and Elizabeth's son William was born in 1668 in London. He married Jane Thomas, also of London, on December 2, 1698. They had eight children (Andrew, David, James, John, Margaret, Robert, George and William). At least two of the children were born in Ireland. So it is likely that William and Jane lived in Ireland for parts of their lives.

William and Janes' son, William was born in Tyrone, Ireland in 1705. William, as well as his brother George immigrated to the United States. It is not known when or where they immigrated to, but they both settled eventually in Pennsylvania where they both died. William's wife is lost to history, but it is known that William and his wife lived in Virginia at that time of the birth of their son John.

John Gibson was born in 1725. He married Mary Duncan of Caswell, North Carolina on March 12, 1747. They lived briefly in Frederick, Virginia where their first child, Joel was born in 1749 before returning to Caswell. Mary, who was born in Caswell, and John lived the rest of their lives in Caswell, North Carolina. John and Mary had eleven children (Joel, Susannah, Neoma, William, Susanna Neoma, John, James, Richard, Julius, Lucretia and Hannah). While many of their children also lived out their lives in Caswell, several of them moved to Kentucky, including Joel, Susannah, Neoma, William and John.

John and Mary's eldest son, Joel met his wife, Eleanor Davis in Caswell. They were married in 1770 in Pittsylvania, Virginia. They had twin daughters, Margaret and Nancy who were born that same year. They had eight other children (Burgess, Robert, Greenbury, Elizabeth, Bailey, Berryman, and twins Tilmon and Vicey). All of these children were born in Caswell. Sometime after 1790, Joel and Eleanor moved from Caswell to Kentucky eventually settling in Henderson where Eleanor died in 1818 and Joel in 1830.

Joel and Eleanor's youngest son Tilmon was born in 1790. He married Sarah Crowley of Georgia in 1816 in Kentucky. Sometime before 1825, Tilmon and Sarah moved to Alabama and by 1828 they had settled in Fayette County, Alabama. They had nine children (Joseph Benjamin, Malinda, Joel Elander, Elizabeth, Elender, Francis, Permelia, Narcissa and Green Brown).

Tilmon and Sarah's eldest son Joseph Benjamin was born in 1825 in Alabama. He married Mary Ann Carroll of Tennessee sometime before 1845. They had six children (James, Sarah, Joseph James, Frances, Benjamin and William).

Joseph Benjamin and Mary Ann's third son Joseph James was born in 1849 in Fayette County, Alabama. He married Peniah Elizabeth Shepherd on Valentines Day, 1872. They were married in her Father, Jacob Shepherd's house. Jacob Shepherd was a prominent leader in the Shepherd Baptist Church and the younger brother of Issac Shepherd who founded the church in 1837.

Joseph James and Peniah had six children (Jacob Benjamin, Archie Jackson, Cullen Lee, Claude B., James Walter and Virgil Benton). Joseph James and Peniah lived out their lives in Fayette County and are buried in Shepherd Church Cemetary in Newtonville, Fayette County, Alabama.

Joseph James and Peniah's third son, Cullen Lee was born on August 4, 1877. He married Sybil Gertrude Elliott of Leeds, Alabama. Cullen Lee and Sybil lived in Leeds where they raised two sons Cullen Elliott, born March 5, 1922 and Warren Eugene born in 1929.

Cullen Lee and Sybil's eldest son Cullen Elliott was Leigh Anne Gibson's Grandfather. He married Mary Ruth (Polly) Simpson on December 19, 1948. They had three sons, Elliott Daniel, born July 3, 1952, William Lawrence, born November 11, 1954 and Joseph Lee, born January 27, 1965.

Cullen Elliott and Mary Ruth (Polly)'s eldest son Elliott Daniel married Rebecca Lynne Taylor of Moody, Alabama on June 18, 1971. They had two children, Leigh Anne, born November 23, 1973 and Jason Elliott, born March 3, 1981.


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