Welcome to the Gibson Family History

This website is dedicated to the family history of Leigh Anne [Gibson] Kish. Her family history is primarily the story of the history of the Upper Cahaba Valley in Alabama. Her ancestors were among the first settlers to arrive in the area and her family has lived there for nearly two centuries. Her ancestors include the following families, which all figured predominantly in the evolution of Leeds, Alabama and the Upper Cahaba Valley:

Elliott | Walker
Simpson | Mize | Little (Klein) | Bass | McLaughlin

Taylor | Martin | Creel | Hawkins
Farley | Overton | Bailey | Acton

Interestingly, Leigh Anne Gibson's "Gibson" ancestors were the only family not to settle the Upper Cahaba Valley in the early nineteenth century. The Gibsons were primarily from Fayette County, approximately 100 miles due west of the Cahaba Valley. Cullen Lee Gibson, Leigh Anne's great grandfather, came from Fayette County around 1920 and married into the Elliott family of Leeds.

There are many living relatives whose information we have not added to the tree. If you want to add your family information to the tree, please submit a Family Unit form and we will add your family to the tree!


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